Felipe Balzo Visual Poet

What is art? Why do I paint? The eternal question that does not mean anything and at the same time everything.What is life? One day an old man told me, "No, I don't like abstract art, because I don't understand it." Ah! I said, and thought about it for months. And one day I said … Continue reading Felipe Balzo Visual Poet

3 pieces by: J.C. Hawkes

J.C Hawkes  - is Now in his later years, he is approaching 50 at light speed and he is quiet and reflective and writes pages of poetry daily about his memories. While on the inside he only ever wanted to write books, grow an old man beard and live in the mountains of northern Canada … Continue reading 3 pieces by: J.C. Hawkes

قصيدة من وحي كلمات باللغة اليابانية / چني لويس / ترجمة أمل الشربيني

چني لويس شاعرة انجليزية معاصرة، من مواليد 1943  تعمل بتدريس مادة الشعر بجامعة أوكسفورد، حاصلة على عدد من الجوائز في الشعر ، وكاتبة مسرحية، لها مؤلفات في أدب الأطفال، وعدد من  الترجمات. صدر لها سبع مسرحيات ودواوين ملحمية شعرية تحولت إلى عروض مسرحية عرضت في أهم المسارح البريطانية ، منها مسرح ليتر هيماركت، وهول فيستيفال … Continue reading قصيدة من وحي كلمات باللغة اليابانية / چني لويس / ترجمة أمل الشربيني

Path of the Animist Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga

Animism is our oldest belief pattern. It is the solar star with a system of selves. It is the entrance into dreamtime. The animistic brain believes that everything is an agent of mystery and energy. Miguel Angel Huerta Zuñiga is a Chilean artist based in Til_Til, Chile. He has exhibited in Chile and abroadHis work … Continue reading Path of the Animist Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga

Phantom Thoughts of Rene Ortega Villarroel

Aboriginal ancestors from our past developed a diagrammatic x-ray vision that not only revealed anatomical features but also recorded the internal pressure, a psychic meteorology within the body. Rene Fernando Ortega Villarroel is a visual artist from Chile who practices the ancient tradition of X-ray vision in his painting. Rene has exhibited work in Chile … Continue reading Phantom Thoughts of Rene Ortega Villarroel

8 poems by / Wade German

SLEEP EATER  I harvest the sighs in the house of my hunger As sleepwalkers flood in the forest And the forest creatures are still asleep I move between spaces Opening spaces Drifting like dust through the flowers of dread As voices make night  In the blood of the desert Where the sun is a smouldering … Continue reading 8 poems by / Wade German

6 Poems by Jon Riccio

You Must Change Your Life with Kitchenware I soak a rolling pin in heirloom perfume,   hire a shoe shiner for companionship lonely as a city free of feet. I exculpate an omelet using Uri Geller’s cutlery. Parting gifts, a religion concession but you can’t blame spirituality for Teflon gospel-leaning. The snake charmer plays dead … Continue reading 6 Poems by Jon Riccio

The Tarot of Diana Calabaza Cósmica

Tarot images have inspired Andre Breton, Roberto Matta, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and many others . The archetypical images of the tarot serve as a map key. These key images help the viewer to interpret the language of their subconsciousness. Diana Calabaza Cósmica is a Spanish artist who is interested in dream worlds and the … Continue reading The Tarot of Diana Calabaza Cósmica

What Beauty Kills To Live/ J. Karl Bogartte

What Beauty Kills To Live Leaving by mimicry, and vague arrival. The Dwellers of Wherewithal exist as upright foreshadowing, when the horizon is reversed. Becomes your body, when your body is transparent, ambedo of intrinsic gathering. Horizontal anesthetic for hand mirrors for Indio chimes and face pollen ricochet through birdlike rendering. The key to the … Continue reading What Beauty Kills To Live/ J. Karl Bogartte

Doren Robbins, Fusing the Dream with Mixed-Media Works

Doren Robbins is a poet, essayist, and mixed media artist. His writings have appeared in Kayak, Sulfur, Third Rail, and many other journals. Summer 2021 Spuyten Duyvil Press published Sympathetic Manifesto, Selected Poems, 1975-2015. Erotic's Gravitate Version 6 My work is connected to the originating DADA and Surrealist traditions of fusing the dream into works … Continue reading Doren Robbins, Fusing the Dream with Mixed-Media Works