3 pieces by: J.C. Hawkes

J.C Hawkes  - is Now in his later years, he is approaching 50 at light speed and he is quiet and reflective and writes pages of poetry daily about his memories. While on the inside he only ever wanted to write books, grow an old man beard and live in the mountains of northern Canada … Continue reading 3 pieces by: J.C. Hawkes

قصيدة من وحي كلمات باللغة اليابانية / چني لويس / ترجمة أمل الشربيني

چني لويس شاعرة انجليزية معاصرة، من مواليد 1943  تعمل بتدريس مادة الشعر بجامعة أوكسفورد، حاصلة على عدد من الجوائز في الشعر ، وكاتبة مسرحية، لها مؤلفات في أدب الأطفال، وعدد من  الترجمات. صدر لها سبع مسرحيات ودواوين ملحمية شعرية تحولت إلى عروض مسرحية عرضت في أهم المسارح البريطانية ، منها مسرح ليتر هيماركت، وهول فيستيفال … Continue reading قصيدة من وحي كلمات باللغة اليابانية / چني لويس / ترجمة أمل الشربيني

8 poems by / Wade German

SLEEP EATER  I harvest the sighs in the house of my hunger As sleepwalkers flood in the forest And the forest creatures are still asleep I move between spaces Opening spaces Drifting like dust through the flowers of dread As voices make night  In the blood of the desert Where the sun is a smouldering … Continue reading 8 poems by / Wade German

6 Poems by Jon Riccio

You Must Change Your Life with Kitchenware I soak a rolling pin in heirloom perfume,   hire a shoe shiner for companionship lonely as a city free of feet. I exculpate an omelet using Uri Geller’s cutlery. Parting gifts, a religion concession but you can’t blame spirituality for Teflon gospel-leaning. The snake charmer plays dead … Continue reading 6 Poems by Jon Riccio

What Beauty Kills To Live/ J. Karl Bogartte

What Beauty Kills To Live Leaving by mimicry, and vague arrival. The Dwellers of Wherewithal exist as upright foreshadowing, when the horizon is reversed. Becomes your body, when your body is transparent, ambedo of intrinsic gathering. Horizontal anesthetic for hand mirrors for Indio chimes and face pollen ricochet through birdlike rendering. The key to the … Continue reading What Beauty Kills To Live/ J. Karl Bogartte

حشرة النشوة الجنائزية / ميشيل الرائي

حشرة النشوة الجنائزيةالكتابة إلى Emmy Ball-Hennings لست مضطرًا لأن أخبرك أنني أهتم بها أكثر من أي شخص آخر ، إنها بالنسبة لي أجمل ما في المسرحية (…………) 121 2 4 55 4 34 5 66 5 410 13 3 27 7 7 7 78 19 111 110 9 8 7 65 4 3 2 1خياطة … Continue reading حشرة النشوة الجنائزية / ميشيل الرائي

Les Tentations de la matière /Joël Gayraud

Les Tentations de la matière Quand j’entrai pour la première fois dans l’atelier de Virginia Tentindo, je crus traverser le miroir. Là, dans une pénombre de forêt vierge parcourue d’impalpables bruissements d’ailes, des créatures d’argile, de marbre, de porphyre et de bronze m’attendaient depuis toujours. Elles posaient sur moi ce regard venu de très loin, si … Continue reading Les Tentations de la matière /Joël Gayraud

Doren Robbins / 2 poetic texts

Watch Dreams Don’t waste one drug for how hard it comes down on you, the congenital vengeance types couldn’t care less. Wouldn’t’ve been my choice. You’re gonna’ start now with what to have done otherwise?––Go eat the dung of wood peckers––the bottom of the pot you burned out of shape you’ll get a bill for … Continue reading Doren Robbins / 2 poetic texts

Border Voices / Anthology by Anthony Seidman

Petition to the Men in Masks Committing Their Raids Let the masked men mask their eyes so that they abuse themselves Let the masked men mask their greed so that they can’t distinguish the bribe’s amount Let the masked men unmask the condition of their anonymity so that they can’t commit      their abuses with … Continue reading Border Voices / Anthology by Anthony Seidman

The Mirror Has My HEAD / John Thomas Allen

John Thomas Allen is a 38 year old poet who really likes the idea of language as some liberatory power within the lost rooms of the human psyche. Some of his influences are writers like John Olson and Peter O Leary.   The Mirror Has My Head I watch my reflection bend in the street,in … Continue reading The Mirror Has My HEAD / John Thomas Allen